Pre-Terminated Systems The Connectix Express Range

Pre-Terminated Systems - The Connectix Express Range

Designed for rapid installation, the Connectix Express range offers pre-terminated, pre-tested links that exceed the performance requirements of either Enhanced Category 5, Category 6, 10 Gigabit Ethernet or fibre link standards.


With more and more installation jobs becoming time critical and ever increasing on-site labour rates, minimising time on site has never been more crucial. The Connectix Express range takes away the need for time consuming on-site IDC or fibre termination, massively reducing the time required to install each link.


Excellent performance is assured, because all the terminations are carried out by highly skilled personnel, in a quality controlled factory environment. Full performance testing of every link is carried out prior to dispatch.


Connectix Express panels are supplied pre-labelled with the required numbering scheme, making installation simply a case of matching the numbered outlets to the numbered panel ports and snapping them in. Where necessary, Connectix can also provide a full on-site measuring service.