Who Are We? : Overview

Connectix - The Ten Gigabit Cable Engineers

Master ten gigabit ethernet, IP, ATM, video and fibre channel interconnection with Connectix Cabling Systems.

Connectix is a UK company in charge of its own R&D, production and logistics chain. Connectix has been a leading manufacturer of communications products since 1993 and is amongst the top four cabling system suppliers to the British market.

Connectix develops, manufactures and supplies advanced cabling solutions for today's ten-gigabit data-driven IT industry. The Connectix product range covers Category 5 and 6 cabling, optical fibre and other containment and interconnect solutions. Connectix is renowned for innovation and our in-house facility makes it easy to customise products to clients' requirements whenever necessary.

Data Centres

Information Systems Managers need to reliably and economically connect switches and routers to servers and storage devices. Local Area Networks and Storage Area Networks use gigabit and ten gigabit ethernet, fibre channel and ATM to transport data, video and voice packets in huge quantities. Latency, packet loss and of course cost, need to be minimised while reliability and up-time maximised.


The advanced network cabling products from Connectix provide the best performance at the lowest cost of all the major suppliers, and can guarantee the reliable performance demanded by tier 4 data centres.


Connectix will match the right product to your application to guarantee the most reliable and cost effective transport of your communications requirements for today and tomorrow.

Choosing Connectix guarantees freedom from cable imposed bit rate errors, excess delay and latency, jitter, inferior electromagnetic pickup and radiation performance.


Selection of low flammability and zero halogen compounds also means British and European fire regulations are met when suitable cables are selected for under floor and plenum distribution use.