Who Are We? : Exceeding Standards

Exceeding Standards - with Third Party Compliance Certification

For example; Connectix Net6 cabling exceeds all the current Category 6/Class E requirements from ISO 11801, TIA/EIA-568-B and EN 50173.

Connectix is one of the few suppliers who can supply screened and unscreened products across the entire copper product range, for additional EMC/EMI performance where required. From 10GBASE-T on copper to 10GBASE-F on optical fibre, Connectix cabling solutions make all the right connections.

Unlike cut-price suppliers Connectix can prove all claims on system performance by our third party verification certificates, reinforced by a unique in-house 100% testing regime and of course our list of satisfied customers.

Quality Control

Working within an ISO 9000 quality regime the manufacturing and supply process is rounded off with a unique 100% testing programme.

Third party testing, accreditation and certificates of conformity round off the programme, to give customers maximum confidence in the reliability of the Connectix system.

Connectix controls quality all the way through the supply chain by using only system integrators trained, approved and authorised by Connectix. A lifetime warranty programme gives the customer the peace of mind to know that the Connectix cabling system will carry on working as generation after generation of servers, computers and LAN protocols come and go.