Fibre Networking

The Connectix Fibre Optic Cabling System provides optical fibre cables and connectivity to meet the transmission speeds needed between the Internet Service Providers (ISP) and the tenants incoming lines. Solutions include harsh environment optical fibre cables, factory pre-terminated in heavy deployments, which are integrating into indoor/outdoor IP-rated distribution frames and enclosures.

Connectix uses singlemode and multimode fibres from the world’s leading manufacturing plants and solutions fully meet the performance specifications of ITU-T, ISO, EIA/TIA and Cenelec for OSP and FTTx premises applications. The demand for high speed internet access, HDTV, video streaming and IPTV (triple play services) requires both upstream and downstream transmissions, across Passive Optical Networks (PON) and Active Optical Networks (AON).

What we offer within Fibre Networking