Discreet Fibre Cabling System (6 products)

The Connectix UFO (Unseen Fibre Optics) is a discreet optical fibre cabling system designed for a fast and easy installation within a mixture of FTTX applications. UFO is the ideal solution in MDU retro builds where sites may be listed buildings, have congested and overrun pathways and where space for new containment is not an option. There could also be old buildings where the risk of asbestos could be present and new cabling could cause financial or time delay issues. Additionally, for aesthetically pleasing desired new builds and within SMDU or SDU installations, UFO provides a fibre optic consumer installation that’s difficult to see and is unobtrusive to the consumer. Connectix UFO can easily be installed along door frames, floor and ceiling skirtings and along corridors within wall/ceiling joins. 
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