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Aroona SMUX

Duplex Spatial Multiplexer / Demultiplexer for Multi-Mode Optical Fiber Links.


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AROONA-SMUX offers a flexible and low-cost solution to expand the capacity of existing multi-mode fiber links in Local Area Networks.

Using mode-group multiplexing over 4 optical channels, Cailabs’ unique Multi-Plane Light Conversion* technology transforms a single conventional multi-mode fiber link into 4 independent channels, equivalent to 4 single-mode fiber links.

By overcoming modal dispersion, reach for high transmission rates is increased by as much as 10 km [6.2 mi]. This enables duplex transmission up to 4 x 10+ Gb/s in only one pair of standard multi-mode fibers (OM) at a single wavelength.

AROONA-SMUX is a passive device and transparent to communication protocol. It operates with commercial singlemode transceivers at 1550 nm and achieves high transmission rates without additional optical fiber deployment. It offers a capacity increase without a hassle and for a low cost.

Typical use case

Let us consider a 300m [0.2 mi] link at 100 Mb/s over dual OM2 fibers between two buildings on a campus. Increasing data rate to 1 Gb/s can be achieved by upgrading active components such as switches and transceivers. However, an upgrade to 10 Gb/s is limited by the bandwidth of the OM2 fibers.

Increasing the data rate to 10 Gb/s typically requires the deployment of new fibers.

AROONA-SMUX solution increases the capacity of the link up to 4 x 10+ Gb/s without long, complex and expensive fiber deployment. AROONA-SMUX is also compatible with WDM technologies, providing easy and seamless high-capacity scaling of the network while ensuring LAN infrastructure durability.

Aroona SMUX


Fiber type62.5/125 μm (OM1) or 50/125 μm (OM2 / OM3 / OM4)
Operating Temperature+5°C to +40°C (EN 300 019-2-3)
Operating wavelengthC-band (around 1550 nm)
Reach< 800 m [0.5 mi] Up to 10 km [6.2 mi]
System capacity10 Mb/s to 50 Gb/s per channel, Independent data rate over each channel
Communication protocolTransparent to standard protocols (Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH, etc.)
Compatible transceiversAny type of single-mode transceiver (Rx PIN), Format: SFP, SFP+, XFP, GBIC, XENPACK, X2, Recommended specifications: 1000BASE-EX, 10GBASE-ER
Housing sizeH: 44 mm x L: 486 mm x P: 250 mm, Rack 19’’ 1U
Number of channelsup to 4
Multiplexer insertion loss< 4 dB (typical: 2.5 dB)
Channel isolation> 15 dB
Multiplexer input / Demultiplexer outputDuplex LC/UPC connector
Multiplexer output / Demultiplexer inputUnconnectorized MMF fiber to be spliced

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