Connectix Cable Slack Holder


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Connectix Cable Slack Holders are designed to hold optical fibre cables in two different sections, using an internal drop cable pathway and an outer external for backbone and networking cables. Manufactured from plastic injection moulded ASA material, the Connectix Cable Slack Holder maintains the minimum bending radius of the cables, prevents macro and micro bending on the fibres and allows consistency and regularity in the fibre loops. UV and weather resistant, they can be installed internally or externally and engineering assembly is quick and easy without the need of tools, screws or nuts. An optional connection box can be installed providing splice options to 168-fibre or  connectorising to 96-fibre.

Features and Benefits
  • Able to hold a fibre optic cable in two different locations (network cable + drop customer cable)
  • Produced in non-conductive material
  • Weather resisitant
  • UV resistant
  • Light material that allows easy installation
  • Easy storage, transportation and assembly

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