UFO System Tools

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  • Aesthetically pleasing Button covers engineers drill holes
  • Easy to use wand tools assists fibre installation through walls
  • UFO midspan slitter tool for ease of installation
  • Use of Firefly clips to maintain compliance with BS6701:A1 and BS7671 18th Edition
  • Lightweight, easy-to-use glue gun and surface glue options


There is a choice of two alternative components when needing to clear up any unsightly engineering works caused by drilling pass-through holes in walls. Using a small 15mm drill hole, UFO cables can pass through, and the mushroom or button provides an aesthetically pleasing finish. The mushroom enables a smooth pathway into the wall/hole whilst the button is a surface mounted solution where a pathway is not required.

UFO Wand

The UFO Wand is an accessory tool that assists the engineer’s installation when passing UFO cable through walls. Available for LC/APC or SC/APC pre-terminated UFO cables.

UFO Midspan Fibre Slitter

The Connectix UFO Midspan Fibre Slitter Tool is the specified tool for preparation of the UFO midspan cable within a UFO Midspan box and should be completed by a certified UFO accredited engineer.

Firefly Push Grip

The Firefly push grip cable ties are specifically designed for small diameter cables using an application tool, providing industrial strength cable fixings and full compliance with BS7671 18th Edition and BS6701:A1.
Glue Gun

The Connectix UFO solution utilises a portable, lightweight, cordless, hotmelt glue gun for quick and easy installation at high level in and around buildings and is suitable for multiple surface types. The glue gun battery power will be maintained in eco mode up to 3.5 hours with a rapid 3-minute warm up time. The Connectix Glue Gun is suitable with 18-20V DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch 18V battery recharge units and is safe to use around carpeted, hard floor and wooden surfaced areas without spillage damage.