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Mobotix S16B

S16B DualFlex, IP66, IK07, RJ-45, PTZ, 130x115x33 mm


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S16 camera module (body) for connecting one or two S16/S15 sensor modules (to be ordered individually)
  • ONVIF-compliant Mx6 system platform (2nd generation) with H.264, MxPEG+ and M-JPEG
  • Image sensor options (via sensor module): 6 megapixels, color (day) and/or B/W (night) and/or thermal
  • Lens options (via optical sensor module): horizontal image angle from 180° to 8°
  • IP66/IK06, -40 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F) • Internal DVR: 4 GB microSD
  • System components: temperature sensor, MxActivitySensor, shock detector
  • Ethernet patch cable 0.5 m/1.65 ft
  • Interfaces: 2x connection for MOBOTIX sensor module (Cam1/Cam2), Ethernet 10/100 (RJ45 and LSA), MxBus, USB, Audio (I/O); RS232 via MX Interface Box

Flexible. Virtually Invisible Flush-Mount Dual-Lens Camera.

The S16 from MOBOTIX is a weatherproof system that stands out first and foremost for the extremely flexible installation options it offers. Two sensor modules are connected to the concealed camera housing via cables up to three meters long. This makes it possible to discreetly monitor two neighboring rooms with just a single camera.

Perfect For When Discretion Is Needed

With the S16, one or two sensor modules (lens plus sensor board, LEDs and microphone) are connected to the basic module via cables, each measuring up to three meters in length. The flat housing, including integrated long-term flash memory and external connectors (Ethernet, MiniUSB, audio) can be installed discreetly and with optimal protection behind a wall or ceiling panel so that only the lenses are visible in the room.

Secure Two Areas With A Single Camera

Thanks to its two long sensor cables, the S16 can also capture separate areas. A single camera can secure two separate rooms, an indoor and outdoor area and around corners. As a double hemispheric camera with two seamless 360° fields of view, a single S16 can offer the same coverage as eight conventional cameras.

Typical Areas Of Application

The S16 is an ideal solution wherever a discreet design and appearance are paramount. This digital network camera doesn’t require any maintenance since it has no mechanical moving parts. Plus, it produces absolutely no noise. As a result, typical applications include installations in hotels and restaurants, showrooms, buses and trains.

Just One Supply Cable For Data And Power

There are two options for a weatherproof connection of the network cable to the housing. A MOBOTIX patch cable up to 10 m in length can be connected and secured with a weatherproof bayonet catch, or the eight individual strands of the installation cable can be attached directly to the LSA cutting clamp inside the partially opened camera housing.

Featuring Light-Sensitive MOBOTIX Moonlight Technology

Using the latest sensor modules with increased light sensitivity in combination with our HD Premium lenses results in brilliant images. The sensor modules are available as day or night variants, with lens options ranging from telephoto to hemispheric, in black or white. MOBOTIX also offers fully equipped complete S16 sets with one or two hemispheric sensor modules.

Even More Installation Options

The BlockFlexMounts offer the same sensor modules in a different design that is ideal for installation in any type of device. The additional mounting options for standard sensor modules (DualMount, SurroundMount, HaloMount, PTMount) result in ultimate flexibility during installation.

Manual Pan/Tilt Mount For Ceiling Or Wall Installation

An attractive, compact, discreet and dome-shaped accessory mount that holds a single sensor module and is manually adjustable in three directions. Thanks to the great flexibility available when adjusting the modules, it is always possible to find the right position and record the best possible image of the area to be secured. Available in black or white.

- Mx6 system platform with H.264 and ONVIF compatibility

- Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4 GB as standard)

- Diverse installation options and mounting accessories for sensor modules

- Max. length of each sensor module cable: 3 m

- Microphone can be used in sensor module

- Additional microphone and speaker connections

- Integrated shock detector

- Weatherproof and robust camera housing (IP66, IK06)

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