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Connectix Fibre Optic Joint Enclosure FD3-144


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The FD3-144 is an environmentally IP68 sealed closure typically used for fibre optic cable distribution in FTTX Networks. This generic closure
provides the function of splice and passive component integration in the external network. The FD3-144 has a very small compact design for
modern fibre optic deployments.
Dimensions (mm) FD3-144
L 244mm
W1 150mm
W2 180mm
Fibres Splice Trays
Single Element Splice Capacity 24 Fibres 144 x Tray 24 Fibres
Adaptors 12 SC Footprint/24 LC each 24 x Pre-Connected Fibres
Splice Capacity with adaptors 144 Fibres 24 x Drop Splice Fibres
Mechanical Seal Rating IP68

• The enclosure has one mechanical oval port and 3 round ports for cable access.
• Designed for use for aerial as well as underground distribution.
• Supports looping of the feeder cable through the oval port.
• Enables deployment of branch off cables as well as drop cables through various seals in the round ports.
• Accommodates both heat shrink or mechanical seals or even a combination thereof.

• The enclosure has a footprint of up to 24 x SC or 24 x LC adaptors in each port.
• Uncut tubes can be stored safely in cable management slack basket.
• Mid Span fibres can be safely stored in the splice tray.
• Facilitates the use of pre-connected fibre cable.
• Space for 12 x PLC Splitters in total, two PLC Splitters per 24 Fib Splice tray

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