Claim you everlasting crimp tool

Buy 1,000 CCS Easy plugs and receive a brand new RJ45 Crimp Tool replacement.

We'll gladly recycle your old Crimp Tool for you and send you your new replacement.

But if you prefer to take matters into your own hands, you can always recycle the tool yourself.

We're committed to making your Easy Plugs experience both convenient and more sustainable.

How to claim your RJ45 crimp tool


Use the contact form below to send us an enquiry with the name on your order/account and whether you would like us to recycle your existing RJ45 Crimp Tool.


Our team will check if you're eligible.


If you're eligible, you can return your original Crimp Tool or recycle it yourself and we'll send out your new RJ45 Crimp Tool.

If you're replacing an old crimp tool, what would you like to do with the old one?