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Information technology has assisted the education sector to develop learning methods within school, colleges, academies and universities. Powered by innovative computing technology, students of all ages are now surrounded with educational tools delivered across information transport systems and hardware, evolving our knowledge base and structure of learning.

Classrooms were traditionally located in a building, using chalk and blackboards and then the revolution of whiteboards and marker pens. Fast forward into todays learning world and we have online distance learning coupled with high-tech educational establishments, enriched with computer handheld devices, desktop PCs and laptops, mobile technology, video conferencing and streaming services from high-powered server clusters for 24-7 learning access.

Primary, secondary, higher and further education learning provide the professional learning experience needed to maintain knowledge and develop skills for todays relentless business world. Connectix has developed multiple products and services based around supporting our education client sector providing onsite presence for network design, standards and updates (CEP program) and network architecture support.

Our Track Record

Connectix Cabling Systems are installed across domestic and international schools, colleges, academies, business schools and universities.  Our experienced inhouse designers support our Approved Installers through site surveys, design plan and network schematics and client advice for bandwidth horizontal and backbone requirements.  Connectix has an impressive client list including working campus-wide for University of Essex, data centre sites for University of Kent and infrastructure throughout the University of Derby.  Hundreds of colleges and thousands of schools across our 24 year history have chosen Connectix Cabling Systems.

Copper Cabling Systems

  • Connectix Category 5e U/UTP and F/UTP Cabling System
  • Connectix Category 6 U/UTP and F/UTP Cabling System
  • Connectix Category 6A U/FTP and S/FTP Cabling System
  • Connectix Express Pre-Terminated Systems

Optical Fibre Systems

  • Connectix Multimode Fibre Optic Cabling Systems
  • Connectix Singlemode Fibre Optic Cabling Systems
  • Connectix MTP Systems


  • Connectix Server Cabinets
  • Connectix ServerPro Cabinets
  • Connectix DCS Cabinets
  • Connectix Cable Pathway Systems
  • Connectix Patching Frame Systems
  • Connectix PDUs – Standard, Modular and Intelligent
  • Connectix Floor Tile Systems

Training Support and Services

  • 1 day copper cabling installation course
  • 1 day fibre optic termination course
  • 3 day data centre cabling engineer course
  • CEP workshops