What is CPR?

CPR (Construction Products Regulation), was created by the European Union with the aim of improving the safety of buildings. It is a classification system for the performance of construction products in the face of fire, categorising them into performance classes and is common for the whole of Europe.

When must CPR be applied to cables?

The European Union had established that starting 1 July 2017, cables for fixed installation will be considered as construction products and therefore included in the regulation.  This means that manufacturers cannot place any new cables on the market unless they have been tested, certified, and marked in accordance with the CPR standardsCables already on the market at that date are unaffected.

Which products are affected?

The new regulations apply to any data cables which are fixed in a building. Patch leads and other non-fixed cables are not affected by this new legislation.

CPR Resources

Copper Cable Certificates.

Fibre Cable Certificates.

Fire class B2ca Certified products AVCP System 1+
0200 CPR 04158 Cat 6 U UTP.
0200 CPR 04159 Cat 6A U FTP.

Fire class Cca Certified products AVCP System 1+
0200-CPR-04157 Cat.5e U UTP.

Fire class Eca Type tested products AVCP System 3
2018-107 U FTP.

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