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At Connectix we hold stock of a huge range or Data Cabinets and Server racks, most available for next day delivery. Whether you need a small wall mounted data cabinet or a full specification Server Rack you'll be sure to find it here
  • We offer a range of wall mounted cabinets starting with our 300mm Deep data cabinets. These are ideal for small network installations. Our 450mm deep cabinets are the next step up, the compact design of these wall mounting cabinets make them ideal for smaller networks and workgroups. The cabinets are available in various configurations.

    550mm deep wall mounted data cabinets provide extra space for deeper rackmount equipment. These data cabinets are lightweight and versatile to suit almost any installation where a wall mounted data rack is required. Our 600mm range boasts an increased rack depth, making them ideal for mounting larger equipment. Their lightweight design means despite their size, they are suitable for mounting on almost any wall. Each data rack includes 19" mounting profiles and a lockable front door for additional security.

    The two part wall mounting cabinets have all the features of a fixed wall mounted cabinet but also have a rear swing section to allow for easy installation and maintenance of equipment.

    A wide range of wall mounted cabinet accessories can be found here.
  • The two part wall mounting cabinets have all the features of a fixed wall mounted cabinet but also have a rear swing section to allow for easy installation and maintenance of equipment
  • Perfect for housing all your data networking equipment, these Data Cabinets are feature rich, offering lockable and removable doors and side panels and adjustable 19" mounting profiles. All our Data Cabinets are manufactured in the UK and are supplied fully assembled.

    A Full range of Connectix and RackyRax data cabinet accessories can be found by clicking here.

  • Our range of Server Racks have been designed specifically to house all industry standard servers with an overall external depth of 1000mm. Increased airflow allows all equipment inside to remain cool. These Server Cabinets include all the features you need and expect like lockable and removable doors and 19" mounting profiles front and rear
  • CoLocation Server Cabinets are ideal for installation in Data Centres. We supply CoLocation cabinets in 2 & 4 compartment options, providing secure server rack space in a standard size footprint

  • The High Density Patching Frames are a simple solution for housing up to 42 patch panels. The frame is also suitable for the mounting of active equipment and the accommodation of standard power distribution units.

    Our selection of wall mounting frames are a cost effective solution for smaller networks where a full lockable cabinet isn't required.

  • SOHO Cabinets
    SOHO Cabinets
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    Our range of SoHo data cabinets are suitable for small network installation in the home as well as the small office. The cabinets are 10" wide and are fully compatible with all our 10" data rack and patch panel equipment.
  • At Connectix, we hold stock of a complete range of accessories to help you get the most out of your cabinet. Whether you need cable management, power distribution or simply shelving, we have it here in stock ready for next day delivery
  • Riser Cabinets
    Riser Cabinets
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    The Connectix ZRH Cabinet is a space saving solution for zonal distribution, riser and horizontal network cabling links.  The ZRH enclosures can be custom sized, designed and built in order to meet the environmental challenges of network design.
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