Modules & Outlets 

A complete range of RJ45 Module, Outlets, Jacks and Pods to suit every requirement at the desk end of the installation. We also stock a complete range of faceplates to suit all environments including a range of aesthetically pleasing metal faceplates

  • To complete your installation, we stock a full range of cat5e modules, outlets and jacks. The range includes standard outlets as well as options with a aesthetically pleasing metal face. We also manufacture our unique range of Cat5e desk pods and Tool-less Cat5e Keystone jack outlets

  • We hold stock of a huge range of Cat6 RJ45 modules, outlets and accessories for the desk end of your cat6 installation. Like all out Cat6 solutions, they have been tested to conform and exceed all the required standards for Cat6 Networks

  • Our range of Faceplates and backboxes are guarenteed to fit the CCS Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a modules available from our site. Faceplates and backboxes are all industry standard sizes to also ensure compatibility with other manufactures products.