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In Fibre Networks, data is transferred using light sent down the cable. Fibre Optic networking is often used as an alternative to copper if data is required to travel long distances at high speed. At Connectix we stock everything you'll need for your fibre network
  • We stock Fibre Leads in all lengths and varieties from 0.5mt to 30mt Fibre Leads to Fibre pigtails. All connector types and fibre specifications including OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 are available for next day delivery. We're also able to manufacturer virtually any type of Fibre Lead to your exact specification and requirement in our in house fibre assembly facility
  • Connectix hold stock of Loose Tube and Tight Buffered Bulk Fibre Cable in all core quantities, which is cut to length for your exact requirement
  • Loaded patch panels are supplied with pre-configured adaptors for fast, easy installation. All panels are supplied with a cable management kit and cage nuts. We also offer a range of Break out Boxes which designed to provide a very cost effective method of patching or splicing where racks/cabinets are not available

  • Pre-Terminted Fibre Cable
  • We offer a complete range of fibre optic connectors, adapters and couplers to suit all fibre network installations.

  • We offer a wide range of fibre optic consumable to make your fibre installation as simple and easy as possible. We stock everything you need from Stripping tools & Cutters to Crimp tools & Cure Oven
  • Aroona
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    Future-proof the multimode fibre infrastructure of your LANs.

    The AROONA solution transforms the multimode optical fibers of the existing infrastructure into singlemode fibres, without replacing the fibre.

    • Reduction in costs - 3 to 10 times less expensive than conventional cable renewal

    • Easy installation - Installation in ½ day vs days for new fibres

    • Increase in the capacity of multimode fibres - Tens of Gb/s over old multimode links to retain your existing infrastructure