Technology Update Sessions 

Technology Update Sessions

Connectix recognises the importance of design and specification knowledge, high quality workmanship and service competence when delivering IT building projects across varying environments.

The Connectix Technology Update Sessions gives Building Design Professionals and Connectix Approved Installers the opportunity to learn more on the impact of change in technologies.

Free Workshop Sessions

  • CEP002 PoEAn Overview of Systems, Devices and their uses

    • Standards Overview
    • What is Current & What is coming?
    • The Impact – Why is it important for Electrical Engineers?
    • Design Recommendations & Summary
  • CEP004.1 Data Centre Technology Update

    • Cabling Standards Update – Cat 8
    • Copper Applications Update
    • Fibre Applications Update
    • Connectix Cabling and Cabinets Solutions Overview
  • CEP005.1 Residential Systems Incorporating Structured Cabling in Modern Building Design

    • Residential/LAN cabling standards and media for residential cabling
    • Cabinet / Enclosure designs and manufacturing capability
    • Overview of Connectix residential cabling projects and designs
  • CEP005.2 Residential Systems Overview of Satellite,TV and Fibre IRS Systems

    • Principles of Fibre IRS
    • Fibre IRS systems and designs
    • Overview of POS, GTUs, Expanders, Splitters, Convertors and Switchblade
  • CEP006 Construction Product Regulations

    • What is CPR
    • Overview of EuroClassesg
    • Overview of fire performance cable testing
    • Manufacturing requirements
    • Market impact
    • BS6701 2016:A1+2017 status for UK market
  • CEP007 Cabling Standards Update

    • Overview of cabling standards bodies
    • Minimum cabling standard specifications
    • Future technologies and standards

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Graduate Engineer Introductions

Connectix Cabling Systems also recognise an importance to help develop the knowledge and skill set of graduate engineers within the industry. The ‘Graduate Introductions’ give newly qualified engineers the opportunity to improve upon their current industry knowledge and excel into their budding careers within infrastructure and fibre optic technologies.

  • CEP0GE1 Introduction to Fibre Optic Cables and Connectivity and Transmission Types

    • Overview of optical fibre in the LAN
    • Light transmission types
    • Fibre optic types (Multimode Vs Singlemode)
    • Fibre optic transmission speeds
    • Fibre optic cable constructions and applications
    • Overview of optical fibre enclosures
    • Overview of optical fibre connectors
    • Optical fibre cabling standards
  • CEP0GE2 Overview of Fibre Optic Applications, Products and Design Solutions, Standards for Referencing

    • Fibre optic applications (up to 100GBE)
    • Fibre optic components and cabling types
    • MPO/MTP systems
    • CS connector systems
    • Fibre in the data centre

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