Dialogic Diva UM-Analog-8 PCIe

Diva UM-Analog-8, PCI-E, 8-port, 4 ch., Fax (V.34)


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Dialogic Diva Analog boards ("Diva Analog boards") are available in 2-port, 4-port, and 8-port variants, offering standard RJ-11 interfaces to connect to public and private switching systems via analog trunk interfaces. Diva Analog boards provide powerful onboard CPU and Digital Signaling Processor (DSP) resources - one dedicated to each communication channel. Thanks to providing high-performance media processing functions such as V.90 data modem, V.34 fax receiver and transmitter, Voice over IP (VoIP) streaming, voice compression, and echo cancellation onboard, the Diva Analog boards enhance overall system performance and lower implementation costs. Based on the latest industry standards, the Diva Analog boards work in any PCI and PCIe based server platform and demonstrate best-in-class system design, resulting in minimum power consumption and maximum heat dissipation.

The Diva Analog boards also support a common and consistent set of programming interfaces. This allows application developers and system integrators to minimize porting effort and reduce time to market. Whether using industry standard CAPI and COM port, or the Dialogic® Diva® API via the Dialogic® Diva® Software Development Kit (SDK), an application once designed to work with any Dialogic® Diva® board (ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, E1/T1, VoIP SIP/RTP) can also be used seamlessly with the Diva Analog boards.

The Diva Analog boards have the following form factors. The Diva Analog-2 (PCI and PCIe) is half size and can be converted via the included LP bracket kit into a low profile media board. The Diva Analog-4 PCIe and -8 PCIe are half size form factor. The Diva Analog-4 PCI and -8 PCI are full size form factor.

NOTE: The Dialogic® Diva® UM-Analog Series boards are available at a lower price offering V.34 fax on 50% of the available channels, i.e. 1 fax channels on the Diva UM-Analog-2, 2 fax channels on the Diva UM-Analog-4 and 4 fax channels on the Diva UM-Analog-8 . The UM-Series boards are well suited for applications that do not require full fax features.


- Universal, Multifunction Platform;

- For enterprise voice, fax, conferencing and remote access applications;

- Cutting-Edge Hardware Design;

- Compliant to the latest PCI specifications;

- High-Performance Media Processing;

- Powerful DSPs - one dedicated to each channel;

- Consistent Dialogic Diva Application Programming Interface (Diva API, Diva API for .NET, Diva Component API);

- Design once - use on all Diva boards (ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, E1/T1, VoIP SIP/RTP)

State-of-the-art operating systems supported;

- Microsoft Windows (XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7) in 32bit and 64bit as well as all known Linux distributions/kernels in 32bit and 64bit;

- Superior Scalability and Flexibility;

- Up to 8 adapters can be operated concurrently in a server;

- Easy to Install and ConfigurePlug and Play, no need to manually configure.


Connectivity technologyWired
Host interfacePCI-E

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