dCSS Switchblad 12 Unit

dCSS SwitchBlade 12 Unit


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Introducing the new dCSS SwitchBlade from Global Invacom. Featuring 4 x dCSS outputs that support SKY Q and legacy SKY Set top Boxes, 8 x Legacy outputs that support multisatellite up to 4 satellites. SwitchBlade can be used in conjunction with both the ODU32 or Optical LNB. Compatible with existing 8 way SatPlus units. Connector inserts colour coded to aid identification of ports.
  • FibreIRS FC/PC optical input
  • Fully compatible with GI optical LNB, ODU32 & ODU32 (1550)
  • 4 dCSS and 8 legacy outputs
  • Compatible with SKY Q
  • Space saving design - all connections on one side
  • All units powered by a single PSU (included)