Fibre Optic Patch/Splitting Box

Fibre Optic Patch/Splitting Box

1 to 4 SC/APC outputs


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Device enabled as a connection point to an optical fibre network. In ICT environments, when installed in the Network Termination Equipment (NTE), it works as a cut-off and test point for the optical fibre network. Thanks to the design, it also allows installation in other types of premises (car repair shops, classrooms, etc.) and is used as a connection point for optical fibre (work table, wiring cabinets, DIN rails, etc.) or else as an optical distribution frame, housing a 2 or 4-way optical splitter.

  • Made of robust ABS plastic
  • With a capacity of up to 4 SC/APC output connectors
  • Multi-anchoring system: DIN rail, wall or outlet
  • Single direction of rotation of the fibres inside (which facilitates installation)
  • ITU-T G657A2 single-mode fibres
  • Identifying label
  • Equipped with 2 "SC/APC" female-to-"SC/APC" female adapters (with self-locking cover)

Main features
  • Dca-s2,d2,a2 Euroclass
  • White colour (RAL 9003)
  • 6 inputs, pre-cut on its sides, for FO access
  • Back input for SC connector
  • Back input for FO and SC connector
  • Pre-cut input at the bottom, for access to a distribution frame (SC/APC)
  • Equipped with: 2 heat-shrink sleeves, 2 clamps, installation screws