SK110plus 18 VAtC coaxial cable

SK110plus 18 VAtC coaxial cable

Eca Euroclass, A+ Class shielded - on a Drum


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Coaxial cable with both conductors made of copper (Cu/Cu) and outstanding braid coverage (55%). Triple shielded (TSH) cable, equipped with a second foil for extra shielded. An 18 VAtC cable with PVC sheath.

  • Copper conductors
  • Class A+ shielded
  • Eca Euroclass

Main features
  • White-colour external PVC sheath
  • 75 Ohm characteristic impedance
  • Available in reels of different lengths


Class A+ Trishield (TSH) coaxial cable

With three shielding layers (Trishield), this cables provide the highest immunity to interference thanks to its very high shielding. Recommended in cases of high electromagnetic noise levels.

They belong in EN 50117 standard Class A+, according to their structural properties:

  • For 5 MHz - 30 MHz => TI < 2.5 mΩ/m
  • For 5 MHz - 1000 MHz => SA > 95 dB
  • For 1000 MHz - 2000 MHz => SA > 85 dB
  • For 2000 MHz - 3000 MHz => SA > 75 dB

Where the transfer impedance (TI) defines how effective the shielding is at low frequencies, while the shielding attenuation (SA) defines it in the 30 MHz-to-3000 MHz range.