Armoured FTTA Patch Cord

SX SM 3mm G657A1

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The CCS™ FibreFox armoured patch cord can be used directly in various harsh environments without additional protection.

The stainless steel tube prevents the optical fibre from getting damaged and improves the stability of the system. Because of this, there is a significant reduced cost in maintenance.

The CCS™ FibreFox armoured patch cord is available in both Simplex and Duplex specifications. Both specifications are suitable for LAN systems, FTTH, underground network systems, CCTV security solutions, and broadcasting TV network systems.

The CCS™ FibreFox range provides the broadest choice of armoured patch cords to the industry including ST, FC, SC, FDDI, ESCON, LC, MTRJ and MU with Ultra-Polished (UPC), Angle-Polished(APC).

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