MLT 144-Fibre (12x12) External PE Singlemode G.657.A1

MLT 144-Fibre (12x12) External PE Singlemode G.657.A1


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Connectix Multitube Single Jacket Fibre Optic Cables are suitable for duct applications. This cable is a stranded loose tube cable with optical fibres placed inside robust buffer tubes stranded around a fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) central strength member. In addition to optical fibres, the buffer tubes contain water blocking gel and the cable core is surrounded with water-swellable tape to prevent water ingress in the interstices of cable core.

Features & Benefits

  • Multitube design with ripcords for easy and quick mid span access
  • Easily removable rugged thermoplastic jacket
  • Waterblocking technology for gel free core helps in quicker end preparation
  • Flexible, light weight, easy to handle & install
  • Tensile and crush resistant
  • UV protected