42u Rax 600mm x 800mm Data Cabinet

RackyRax 600mm x 800mm Data Cabinet

600mm Wide x 800mm Deep Floor Standing Data Cabinet


39u Out of Stock - Due w/c 11th December

RackyRax 19” Data Cabinets combine all the features of a premium data cabinet including the aesthetically pleasing design, without the price-point to match.

The Data Cabinets are available in various configurations and are supplied fully assembled or flat packed. Each cabinet utilises a ventilated top and four 19” adjustable front and rear mounting posts. The cabinets feature lift-off sides and a lockable door for maximum access to the internal equipment, with cable access in the base for convenient routing of network cables. The side panels can be fitted with cabinet locks. The cabinet frameworks are finished in black with a Perspex lockable front door

Each Cabinet is assembled in the UK using the highest quality components and boast an impressive load rating of up to 800kg (evenly distributed). The RackyRax range of Data Cabinets has been designed ensure easy installation and maintenance

Cable access can be made through removable gland plates in the roof or through the open base.

Each RackyRax Cabinet is supplied fully assembled and ready to go – We also offer flat pack if you require it.


  • 800kg loading capacity (evenly distributed)
  • Lockable/removable perspex front door with steel surround
  • Lockable/removable steel rear door
  • Removable steel side panels
  • Adjustable 19” mounting profiles front and rear
  • Optional roof mounted fan
  • Removable gland plates top and bottom for cable access


A full range of accessories are available to complement the cabinet including castors, shelves and vertical cable trays

*42u CCS Style Cabinet in Black will be sent as an alternative whilst we are waiting for stock of our normal Racky Rax stock. - full details of this cab can be seen here-

Dimensions By U Height

U HeightSize (HxWxD)Weight
12U635x600x800 mm33 Kg
18U992x600x800 mm55 kg
21U1035x600x800 mm54.6 kg
24U1168x600x800 mm56 Kg
27U1303x600x800 mm60 Kg
39U1835x600x800 mm78 Kg
42U1970x600x800 mm87 Kg
42U CCS2015x600x780 mm
45U2103x600x800 mm92.2 Kg
Cable EntryTop & Bottom