24V-5A power supply
24V-5A power supply 24V-5A power supply

24V-5A power supply


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Flyback-type, high-power and high-performance (>85%) switched-mode power supply . Provides 5A at 24V (120W).

  • Equipped with two outputs monitored by LED diodes that indicate the status of the provided voltages
  • Overload and short-circuit detection
  • Maximum current limited to 4A per output
  • Equipped with protection against output-voltage variation
General installation conditions: - Before handling or connecting the equipment, please read this manual. - In order to reduce the risk of fi re or electric shock, do not expose the equipment to rain or moisture. - Do not take the cover off the equipment without disconnecting it from the mains. - Do not obstruct the equipment’s ventilation system. - Please allow air circulation around the equipment - The equipment must not come into contact with water or even be splashed by liquids. Do not place containers with water on or near the equipment if it is not adequately protected. - Do not place the equipment near sources of heat or in excessively moisture conditions. - Do not place the equipment where it may be aff ected by strong vibrations or knocks. How to use the equipment safely: - The powering supply of this product is: 196-264V~ 50/60Hz. - If any liquid or object falls inside the equipment, please contact a specialized technician. - Do not connect the equipment until all the other connections have been made.
Product colourAluminium