New CST Armoured Loose Tube Fibre Cable B2ca Rated

CST Armoured Loose Tube Fibre Cable B2ca Rated

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Connectix internal/external corrugated steel-tape armoured optical fibre cable can be used for LAN and WAN backbones, telecom access
lines, fibre to business and fibre to the building drop connections; as well as fibre to the home drop and access connections.
With its FireRes® sheathing this cable is ideal for indoor installations. It is CPR Class B2ca cable with very high flame retardant performance.
The cable with corrugated steel tape armouring is rodent proof. The cable is well suited for installation in ducts and on trays indoor and
shorter outdoor applications.
When installed as part of an end-to-end Connectix Cabling System, a 25-year system warranty is available for projects completed by
Connectix Approved Installers.