NevoSwitch 5 inputs - 4 outputs

NevoSwitch 5 inputs


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Cascadable multiswitch equipped with 5 inputs (one terrestrial, and the four polarities of one satellite), 4 user outputs, and a 12 dB potentiometer per user output.
Can be used as a terminal (star topology) or as a cascade by using a simple switch.

  • One potentiometer (12 dB) on each of the user outputs to optimize the level on an individual basis
  • A switch for either powering terrestrial pre-amplifiers or allowing current circulation
  • Can be powered directly from the satellite receiver, without the need for a power supply unit*
  • Remote power feeding using VL
  • Current circulation between all inputs and cascades
  • Active terrestrial
  • European design, quality, and manufacturing

Main features
  • Very compact
  • Made of zamak
  • Input and output colour identification
  • Available ECO mode
  • Selector switch to shift between cascade and terminal modes
  • 12 V power supply
  • Low power consumption