Quattro LNB offset

Quattro LNB offset

4 outputs: Hh-Vh-Hl-Vl


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Quatro LNB converter, equipped with four outputs, each with one specific polarity/band combination (Hh, Hl, Vh, Vl). Each output is marked with the respective colour: black for Vl, red for Vh, yellow for Hh, and green for Hl.
Supplied in individual packing.

  • Low visual impact design and small casing
  • High gain
  • Low noise figure
  • Outstanding linearity and careful equalization
  • High discrimination between polarities
  • Very high IP protection index (IP66)
  • Can be used under extreme temperature conditions

Main features
  • Light-weight
  • Compatible with 40-mm supports
  • Low power consumption
  • Power feeding either through the receiver or the multiswitch
  • Simple connection
  • Multisatellite-compatible solutions