Connectix ZRH Cabinets

Connectix ZRH Cabinets

The Connectix ZRH Cabinet is a space saving solution for zonal distribution, riser and horizontal network cabling links.


10 - 14 Day Lead Time

Housing MER (Main Equipment Room) and SER (Secondary Equipment Room) physical cabling infrastructure is often a luxury of space not afforded to structured cabling designers because of cost per square metre to the client. The Connectix ZRH Cabinet provides an adaptable, pre-built, managed solution designed to meet that challenge head on.

The Connectix ZRH Cabinet is a space saving solution for zonal distribution, riser and horizontal network cabling links.  The ZRH enclosures can be custom sized, designed and built in order to meet the environmental challenges of network design.

The ZRH cabinets provide copper and optical fibre links ranging from 48 – 144 network connections per unit. Designed as a secure, slimline wall mounting cabinet the ZRH cabinet houses active networking switches, 19” equipment rack patch panels, fibre panels, power distribution units, UPS and internal cabinet management such as thermostat controllers and inlet/outlet fans.  

ZRH cabinets feature ventilated slots for airflow and heat dissipation, gland fitted or built-in fan units with triple profile settings for passive, active and power.  Cable installation is managed through adaptable gland plates that feature knockouts for coaxial, data and power cabling or cable management tray pre-built into the enclosure.

The cabinets feature a fully welded steel construction that secure to walls in risers or utility boards using specific fixing positions.  The termination of internal cabinet hardware is completed using 90-degree pivoting uprights ensure a smooth, neat and tidy and professional installation.  Active hardware is placed on heavy duty sliding profiles and interchangeable wardrobe mesh, solid steel or inset perspex doors are fully removable giving flexibility for access depending on area layouts.  For max-density installations ZRH floor standing cabinets can be utilised and they are manufactured with floor stabilising plinths and rear fixture fittings.


•    Manufactured in the UK
•    Data networking and active switching/routing devices
•    Passive uprights pivot for equipment panel termination
•    Can be customised for internal active vendor equipment (internal frame size changes)
•    Secure enclosure to house building technology infrastructure
•    Temperature control and humidifying hardware options available

Cable EntryMultiple electrical and data knockouts
Material1.2mm mild steel
DimensionsCustomised to suit network hardware requirement
DoorSolid lockable and removable metal door
Housing19" Rack Mountable Switches, Routers, Hubs. 19" Cat 6A, Cat 6, Cat 5e Patch Panels
Profiles19" 90-degree rotating passive profile, 19" heavy duty telescopic profiles 50kg weight loading (load testing 80,000 times), 19" mounting profile for power distribution unit
StandardsEIA Compliant, Conforms to the following standards: IEC 297-2, DIN 41494-7, DIN 41491-1, BS 5850/3192