FTTP Lift Line Enclosure

FTTP Lift Line Enclosure


10 - 14 Day Lead Time

With the limited life span of of analogue service lines and the migration over to ‘All-IP (Fibre)’ lift lines the Connectix Lift Line Enclosure is a secure cabinet housing for the internal fibre equipment, preventing any unauthorised third-party interference and keeping hardware protected from dust and dirt located within a riser environment equipment room.

The enclosure services the equipment needed for lift emergency telephone lines with both analogue and digital lift type technologies. To ensure security of the equipment when installed, it is recommended that the equipment is housed within a secure FTTP Lift Line Enclosure. Connectix has developed a suitable enclosure that can accommodate this equipment and can have features changed to suit Communications Providers’ (CP) bespoke hardware (such as the UPS or ATA router).

For testing purposes onsite, there are 2 physical interfaces on the outside of the box. These can be placed left or right sided dependent on requirements. A telephone cable is installed which connects from the port on the ATA within the box (analogue telephone adaptor) to the bottom screw terminal block (80A type). A telephone cable is then linked in parallel to the telephone outlet above it (3/1a type). The telephone outlet can be used to plug in a standard telephone handset or test set to determine that dial tone is available and calls can be made or received. If required, the physical cable linking to the lift can be plugged directly into this port. Alternatively, the physical cable linking to the lift can be connected onto the A,B screw terminals on the 80A box, thus leaving the plug in telephone socket above it purely for testing purposes.

The Connectix FTTP Lift Line Enclosure is supplied with the 80A and 3/1a in place and test cables can be made to length. Manufactured in the UK, the enclosures can be wall mounted or floor standing and is optionally pre-built and loaded with the internal equipment at factory source.

Features & Benefits
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Compact depth for restricted riser space
  • Wall mounting or floor standing
  • IP Rated options available
  • Provides secure location for FTTP Lift Line hardware
  • CP solution provides emergency lift line on analogue or digital lift line technologies
  • Engineer testing cabling and connectivity supplied
  • Tested onsite in collaboration with Openreach, KONE, Sky, Avire, The Cloud Network and Galliard Homes