Connectix Broadband, Data and TV Enclosure (BDT)


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The Connectix range of Broadband, Data and TV enclosures provide a secure, attractive and space efficient solution for accommodating thebroadband, data, TV and communications equipment within apartment utility cupboards in multi-dwelling units.

Designed to comply with Openreach’s latest fibre network developer guide, these enclosures can accommodate the Openreach fibre ONT, a second infrastructure provider’s network terminating equipment, the TV FIRS gateway termination unit, copper twisted-pair data outlets for room voice and data sockets and 230v 13A electrical sockets (power distribution unit).

Different configurations can be specified to provide between 4 to 10 room voice/data outlets and for the router to be located in the utility cupboard or living room.

These compact enclosures ensure efficient space utilisation within a dwelling’s utility cupboard and avoid the risk of individual components, data outlets and cabling not fitting into the utility cupboard if mounted separately onto the cupboard wall. The enclosure door can be specified with a lock, to prevent theft of equipment during construction.

The enclosure features a mounting frame that secures to a wall using specific fixing positions. The enclosure door can be left or right-handed and is removable for easy equipment access, to ensure a neat and tidy professional installation.

Brush strip entry points provide cable access and vented slots allow for airflow and heat dissipation.

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