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Connectix FTTX Street cabinets are our British manufactured external cabinet solutions designed for deployments within Fibre-tothe-Home (FTTH) single dwelling and rural broadband, Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB), ISP new and retro build developments and FTTX infrastructure projects. Manufactured by Connectix in the UK, Connectix Street Cabinets are available as standard options or can be customised for specific telecom carrier requirements. Using our experienced CAD design team and fibre optic installation engineering skills, we can custom design for vendor specific GPON/P2P network hardware, spliced or pre-connectorised fibre deployment and a range of cooling, power (including digital electricity options) and environmental options.

FTTX Street Cabinet Type 2

The Connectix FTTX Street Cabinet Type 2 is a front access double-door cabinet providing a solid robust enclosure designed to facilitate deeper 19” equipment, with additional facilities for mounting electrical metering, power distribution equipment and backup batteries. Featuring 24U of equipment space and adjustable 19” mounting profiles front and rear for hardware rack mounting and additional options to mount electrical supply and meters, fuse boxes or UPS.

Ventilation is provided through filtered apertures manufactured within side sections of the street cabinet The cabinets can be supplied with 2 x 8 way fan trays for additional ventilation and cooling of internal networking hardware. Ventilation apertures feature a removable mesh screen to protect against vermin and insect access.

A marine ply board is fitted in the rear for mounting LED switchgear accessories and for security the front access doors features a three point locking mechanism and security lock. The cabinets come in green as standard but are available in other colours if required.

  • Fully welded stainless steel construction
  • Pitched Rood Stainless Steel
  • Double doors c/w swing handle & 3 point locking
  • Integral 100mm raised plinth for mounting onto concrete pad
  • 4 sets of adjustable 19” mounting profiles front and rear
  • Large cable aperture in base of cabinet
  • 2 off 8 way fans trays fitted inside with external weather cowls
  • Powder coated green as standard
Dimensions WDH(mm)1200x600x1370
Bolt hole Pitch12 diameter holes for M10 Bolts, 530mm (front to back), 334mm (4 holes left to right)
Frame Height20U
Frame Depth515mm (19” post adj depth)
Front Frame Space68mm (19” post adj depth)
Standard Post Pitch400mm (19” post adj depth)
Side Backboard2 off panels 1060 x 496 x 12mm thk
Ventilation2 x 8-way side mounted extraction fans, External side weather cowls
IP weather ratingIP65