RackyRax 450mm Deep Wall Mounted Data Cabinets

Available in black in a range of heights and widths.

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The compact design of the Rax 19” Wall Mounting Cabinets make them ideal for smaller networks and workgroups.

The cabinets are available in various sizes and are supplied fully assembled. Each cabinet comprises a welded steel frame and adjustable front and rear 19” mounting profiles.

A gland plate is situated in the top and bottom of the cabinet. The cabinets feature ventilation slots top and bottom; and have a lockable glass front door, and removable sides. The cabinet frameworks are finished in a high quality attractive black.

Please note - the 450mm (RR-W1) Cabinets do not have rear mounting posts. Shelves can only be secured from the front.


6u 450mm Deep Data Cabinet shown for illustration


  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Ventilated top
  • Adjustable mounting posts
  • Lockable and removable sides
  • Cable access top and bottom
  • Lockable glass front door

Dimensions By U Height

U HeightSize (HxWxD)Net Weight
6U348x600x600 mm14 Kg
9U481x600x600 mm17.5 kg
12U615x600x600 mm21 Kg
15U748x600x600 mm24.5 Kg
18U881x600x600 mm29 Kg
21U1015x600x600 mm32.5 Kg

Maximum Internal Depth is 410mm


Cable EntryTop & Bottom


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