Please complete the following form if you wish Connectix to issue a System Warranty in accordance with the Connectix Cabling System Installation Guide and Test Criteria, subject to the Connectix Warranty Terms & Conditions. Please Note - a warranty can't be processed without a full site address.

Your test results must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Tester results must be submitted in the native format of the tester used (eg .flw for fluke). PDF results, although useful are not adequate for issuing a warranty.
  • OTDR results are not acceptable for Fibre warranties.
  • Copper test results should be submitted as Permanent Link tests, Channel Tests are not acceptable unless discussed prior to submitting results identifying the reasons.
  • When submitting test results please ensure a copy of the latest calibration certificates are uploaded, if not identified on the results (these must be in date at the time of testing).
  • Only the testers listed below are acceptable to obtain a 25 year performance warranty.

If you wish to apply for a fibre and a copper warranty, you must submit 2 separate applications and upload each result separately.

About Your Warranty

Please select the type of warranty you require and use this section to upload your test results.

Please Note: if you have used a Fluke Tester we will need you to upload the Linkware results (.flw files) NOT just a PDF file.


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TERMS: We enclose full test results and a site layout plan showing the position of all links. We confirm that the products were purchased from Connectix Limited and installed and tested in accordance with the Connectix Cabling Systems installation guidelines and test criteria. I understand that if I have bought Connectix materials via an approved re-seller then I need to upload "proof of purchase" with this application. Please issue a System Warranty in line with the Connectix Approved Installer Agreement. By submitting this form you accept the terms and conditions of our warranties and understand they can take up to 10 working days to be processed from receipt of this form and associated test results.